Social Media Snapshot Infographic

Infographics are a great way to turn otherwise boring information and uninteresting facts into exciting, easy to read visuals! By adding graphics and word art, seemingly uninteresting information suddenly becomes exciting and interactive (and you definitely don’t have to be a graphic designer to start sharing content in an interesting way).

So you may be wondering, how is content created for infographics?

Content is created by first researching and gathering the information that you want to display. Once you have all of your statistics and facts gathered, you can then begin to add graphics to your choice of design. Any program can be used depending on your level of comfort with graphic design (Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator are great options), but there are also many free websites out there that make life a lot easier with pre-made templates. PiktochartInfogram, and Canva (the site that I used for the infographic below) are all great places to start as they have many features available for free. After briefly creating an account, you can then pick from dozens of backgrounds, fonts, colors, graphics, and pictures to help convey your message to a target audience.

So how is content shared then?

In an infographic, content is shared by way of charts, images, and graphic displays. Depending on what information you choose to include, arrows can be used to help direct the eye around your infographic or in whatever way helps to best communicate your data. The organization of information is entirely up to you, but words are usually kept to a minimum and numbers are enlarged so that the viewer’s eyes can scan and understand the main points easily. Content can most easily be shared through the use of graphs and icons to show comparison between statistics.

What outlets are then used for sharing infographics?

Infographics are very versatile and can be shared online via sites like Pinterest and other social media platforms, or sent through email or even printed out and sent via mail. Website postings are also great ways to share infographics as they are a wonderful way to captivate the attention of viewers looking for information.

The below infographic was created on Canva using information collected by Jeff Bullas. This was my first attempt at making an infographic or anything like this, and I found it to be really fun and easy! I included a few quick facts about each site along with the number of active users on five of the most popular current social media platforms in 2015. By adding in a little color and a few graphics the data was really brought to life and became visually interesting.


By Bethany Garcia


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