Hi there!

My name is Bethany Garcia and I am currently a junior at Grand Valley State University majoring in advertising and public relations. I’m from the small town of Holly, Michigan, I think macaroni and cheese is great, and I spend way too much time watching Netflix.

In a nutshell I specialize in embarrassing moments and love all things that sparkle.

I’m a fan of laughing until I can’t breathe, vanilla-scented anything, and Chinese food. (Thai food if I’m feeling adventurous.) I dream in black and white, I think giraffes are the bee’s knees, and I want to spend my entire life traveling around this beautiful earth. I can make a pretty above average quesadilla and the best chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever have (trust me I would know, I’ve tried just about every Pinterest recipe out there). I’m a firm believer in the statement: “you deserve it” and painting my nails twice a day. Lover of life, optimism, fuzzy socks, and all things photographed.

Join me on my journey through this crazy thing called life and always ask yourself, “What would Blair Waldorf do?”


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